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download-free-ebooks-hereLearn English online – it’s FAST, FLEXIBLE and FUN!!!

Hi! I'm Catherine your English teacher at Learn English Online. If you really want to learn English quickly then follow my clear and simple lessons and start improving today.


Whatever your motivation I can help you

Perhaps you have a job interview, an exam to pass or you need to give a presentation in English? Or maybe you want to improve your fluency for conversation or for travel.


Learn English for travelling

English for travelling

Let’s study English online before your trip so you are prepared with lots of typical phrases for different social situations. We will study real-life English with up-to-date expressions.  Themes include transport, entertainment, hotel reservations etc…

We can continue while you are travelling, learning English online is so flexible!


Learn English for studying and business

English for studying and business

If you are studying and need some help, maybe for an exam, then try learning English online. We can practise together to make sure you get the best result! Or maybe you need to improve you English for work.

We can practise the typical phrases needed for meetings, negotiations, presentations or how to impress at a job interview. You choose.

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Learn English online

Learn English online with LEO!

If you want to improve your fluency with regular listening and speaking practise I am here to help.

Learn English online and together we will create a realistic plan to meet your objectives.


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Improve your English level!


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Learning English online with LEO is:



If you want to improve your English quickly then start today. A little bit every day will help, consistency is the key to success. You MUST do something regularly or you will forget! Study a short lesson, watch or read the news in English, or if possible actually speak to someone in English. One to one classes focus on your needs to meet your objectives. You are the centre of the class.



You can study anytime or anywhere, on your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Finding a traditional class which fits around childcare, work and other activities is difficult!



The classes are dynamic and engaging. If you enjoy it you will learn faster!



No boring grammar lessons and learning vocabulary lists. We will study and practise conversational English in context and learn how to use REAL LIFE ENGLISH


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