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Posted on Jun 20, 2016

Adjectives – describing your job

Adjectives – describing your job

Is your work demanding or dead-end?  How would you describe your job?


Look at these adjectives

collaborative                       casual                              badly-paid                  part time

monotonous                       challenging                     menial                         absorbing

dead-end                             demanding                     secure                          high flying

voluntary                             prestigious                     frustrating                  responsible




Involving people or groups working together to produce or provide something:

“It was a collaborative project but we don´t work with them anymore”


Boring and/or repetitive:

“We do the same thing day after day on the assembly line, it´s very monotonous”


having no opportunities for development:

“She´s been stuck in a dead-end job for years with no hope of promotion “


Working for free, unpaid

After graduating from university they did a year of voluntary work to get some experience

casual (or seasonal)

Happening from time to time:

“Every summer he gets casual work in the local restaurant”


Causes a lot of interest and thought because it is difficult and fascinating

“The new job was very challenging as he had never experienced similar situations! “


Requires a lot of attention and effort:

“I would like to point out that this is a very demanding role”


A job with a lot of power and glamour:

“The professional footballer has a very prestigious position with a lot of wealth and success”


A job where you are paid lower than average:

“Although the job is interesting it is very badly-paid and I can´t afford to pay my bills.”


Of low social value or not seeming important:

“It´s a very menial job so I am looking for something better”


Not at risk of losing the job

“The main advantage is that the job is secure, I´ve had this position for 15 years.”


Having feelings of disappointment and not being fulfilled

“The boss rejects every proposal I make, it´s so frustrating when I know how to improve efficiency.”



Working less than the full-time number of hours per week

“I work part-time so that I can look after my children in the afternoons when they finish school.”



Stimulating, requiring a lot of attention and effort:

“My new role is totally absorbing, I think of nothing else!”



having a very senior role with associated responsibilities and rewards

“She´s got a high-flying job with that new IT company.”



Accountable for certain tasks and/or people

“You will be responsible for the smooth running of this department.”