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How does it work?

In order to study with me online you will have to create a Skype account (download here).

We will have a trial lesson to establish your goals and objectives and agree on the times of the class.

What do I need?

You will need a fast internet connection, a Skype account (download here), a microphone and a webcam. Headphones are preferable but not necessary.

Do I need to buy materials?

No. I will provide the materials for the classes, unless you have specific things that you want to study. These might include homework, presentations you have to give or exams you have to revise for.

Can you teach any level?

Yes. I have 20 years’ experience and have taught students of all different levels.

Can you teach kids?

Yes. As well as teaching adult courses I offer classes for children. Often they need help with homework, to study for a test or to practise their speaking, as school lessons tend to focus on grammar.

How do I pay?

Go to the Prices page on the website and choose an option to buy (the packages are best)!!!

You can use Paypal to either pay through that account or pay by credit card. (click here to Paypal).

What if I need to cancel a lesson? Will I get a refund?

If you need to cancel a lesson you MUST do this at least 12 hours before it starts.

If you do this the class will be re-scheduled for a later date.

If you don’t cancel within 12 hours of the start of the lesson then you will lose that class, it will not be re-scheduled.

Scheduled classes will not be refunded.

What if the teacher cancels the class?

Hopefully this will not happen but if it is necessary then the class will be re-scheduled for a later date.

What if I don't want to study by Skype?

You can study one of the courses available. Just go to the Prices page and choose the appropriate course. It’s a one-time payment and you will have the course forever.