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Posted on Jun 21, 2016

Grammar – Tense Review

Grammar – Tense Review

Practise the tenses with these exercises:

Match the following time expressions to the sentences.  There might be more than one possibility:


  1. recently                                                 she travels to work by car
  2. 2 years ago                                            I´ll have been working here for 10 years
  3. this week                                               my colleague takes the minutes 
  4. since 1998                                             I´ve worked a lot of overtime
  5. when I joined the company               I´m moving to the head office    
  6. hardly ever                                           the report will be finished
  7. by Wednesday                                      I worked part-time
  8. always                                                    I´m interviewing potential candidates
  9. during the meeting                             I´ll present my proposals to the boss
  10. in 5 year´s time                                   I had very little experience
  11. for 6 weeks                                           I´ve been studying Business English

With respect to the tenses, how do these sentences differ in meaning?


  1. I´ve been to London 4 times
  2. I went to the bank this morning
  3. I´ve been trying to reach him for ages
  1. What did you do when the merger was announced?
  2. What were you doing when the merger was announced?

  1. When I arrived, he had interviewed the customer
  2. When I arrived, he was interviewing the customer
  3. When I arrived, he interviewed the customer

  1. I´m working on a collaborative project at the moment
  2. I work for a small, family-run enterprise
  1. I´ve been learning English for the last 5 years
  2. I´ve learnt how to write contracts of employment