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Posted on May 9, 2016

The Weather

The Weather

Real life English expressions to discuss one of our favourite topics – “the weather”

We often use extreme adjectives to express how we feel:

  • I´m FREEZING!!     (I´m really cold)
  • I´m BOILING!!       (I´m really hot)
  • It´s FREEZING!!      (It´s really cold)
  • It´s BOILING!!         (It´s really hot)


It´s pouring down

It´s chucking it down

It´s pissing it down (swearing)              ALL MEAN THERE IS A LOT OF RAIN

There´s a downpour

There´s really heavy rain



It´s spitting

There´s light rain                                  ALL REFER TO A LITTLE BIT OF RAIN

It´s drizzling outside


sleet (noun)  –   a mix of rain and snow – very wet!

hail (noun)   –  frozen rain, so big like stones


It´s overcast – it´s so cloudy you can´t see the sky

It´s clearing up –  the clouds are moving away, you can see blue sky


What a miserable day!

It´s so dull                                       We typically use these phrases on cloudy, dark days

It´s grim (means horrible)

It´s grey and miserable


It´s foggy   – very low cloud so that you can´t see

It´s misty – like fog but visibility is not as bad

A bit chilly isn´t it?/Not very warm is it?  –  It´s a bit cold



What glorious sunshine!

What a beautiful day!

It´s scorching hot     (very hot)

There´s a heatwave   – a long period of very hot weather


It´s muggy

It´s sticky                   all used to say that it is humid

It´s really close


It´s mild isn´t it?   – it´s quite warm, or rather not as cold as expected


There´s a lovely breeze  –  it´s soft and refreshing on a hot day

It´s blowing a gale out there! – It´s a very strong wind